About me

Hi, I’m Laine.

I’m happy that you’ve found my blog. The Thriving Vegan is a place where I share delicious vegan recipes.

I’m based in a small, but very beautiful city Sigulda, Latvia. I own a very fluffy cat and a bunch of cookbooks. I love all animals, even spiders and cockroaches (but I’d prefer they don’t share their living space with me).

My experiments with food started 5 years ago when I became a vegetarian. I’ve been jumping around and trying out 100% raw food diet, vegan diet and then switching back to vegetarian. However, during the past few years my passion for veganism and plant based foods has grown immensely.

I truly believe that food is more than something we put in ourselves to feel full. I believe that food can heal, transform and fully nourish our bodies. I’m not a nutritionist, a doctor or dietitian, I rely only on my own experience. Besides that, I also believe that our food choices have a very strong impact on our spiritual growth, environment and general health of our planet – the home which we all share.

If you ever feel like having a chat, asking a question or contacting me about my blog, email me at laine@thethrivingvegan.com.